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Live Interactive Wholesale Motor Dealer Directory

Here at Motortrademail.com.au we have been doing some research and talking to YOU (motor dealers) about what we could do to improve our customer services especially at registration. Firstly, we are making it easier to join Motortrademail.com.au as we know most of you don’t have the time to find your dealer licenses let alone know […]

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Wholesaling – Multi Site Dealer Groups, Are You Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity?

To many times we have discovered that many multi site dealer groups are actually wholesaling against their other sites in order to achieve the maximum value for trade-ins and used car stock at auctions or sourced via wholesalers. In today’s age of attempting to maximise ever dollar, this in theory sounds ridiculous, let-alone the fact […]

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Are you looking to extend your wholesale contacts or another route to a trade only market?

Well if the answer is yes, then you have come to the write place! We are providing Australia’s motor dealers with a new wholesale sales platform, that will allow rural and metro dealers and wholesalers to connect, buy & sell wholesale stock on a national basis – even in real time! Are you a fleet […]

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