Are you looking to extend your wholesale contacts or another route to a trade only market?

Well if the answer is yes, then you have come to the write place! We are providing Australia’s motor dealers with a new wholesale sales platform, that will allow rural and metro dealers and wholesalers to connect, buy & sell wholesale stock on a national basis – even in real time!

Are you a fleet or rental car company that needs to re-market your ex-fleet stock and your looking for another route to market, one that is direct and only to licensed motor dealers? Then let’s talk?

Our unique method of marketing your advertisements to our vetted, dealer only network means that each car you put up for sale, we will market to every buyer that is interested in that particular make or model in your selected state or region – instantly! We have provided dealers multiple methods of contacting and replying to these advertisements – phone, email or via our custom built internal communication system which can also link up with your own email address to allow you to continue trading from your office or while your on the move, click here to join now and take advantage of our free 2 month trial period.

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Here is the official!!

Well, for a while now we have been developing our system to best suit motor dealers and their requirements in-line to assist in selling, buying more cars to a wider audience! As motor dealers ourselves, we are sure that we have captured all the necessary details and functionality that is needed by dealers, and we are looking to officially launch our site in the 4th week of November 2011.

If you have any enquires in the mean time, please feel free to send our sales team a note and we will get back to you!

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