Wholesale Motor Dealer Sales – Australia

As a unique service provider to the Australian motor dealer sales market, have you considered wholesaling your vehicles within an online market place using the scale of the web to do the effort for you by not relying on your “contacts”? Are your contacts giving you the best money for your stock still? Surely when they tell you, “well, i don’t really want it but i will give you $XYZ for it”, doesn’t mean your getting the best money for you or your customer to do a deal; meaning you pay for the rest out of your own margins that you work hard on already? Surely another dealer who is looking for that stock your selling will give you a better price than the above example?


Are you a multi dealer group who you rely on the above examples at each of your sites? Why not use the internet as scale within your group business to see if you can retain and re-sell stock from within your group maximsing margins!

contact us or register for a free no obligation trial or as a dealer group contact us to get a special registration for your group for a an extended free trial where the buyers and sellers pay no commisions to buy, sell, price stock.

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