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Lot’s of Requests For Stock – Sign up Now and Sell Your Stock!

With many new dealers signing up for our free trial period and using their trial time to request new stock, we have a shortage of stock for sale! If you have stock to sell, sign up for free (subject to confirmation as a dealer by us) and start selling!

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Wholesale Motor Dealer Sales – Australia

As a unique service provider to the Australian motor dealer sales market, have you considered wholesaling your vehicles within an online market place using the scale of the web to do the effort for you by not relying on your “contacts”? Are your contacts giving you the best money for your stock still? Surely when they […]

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Wholesale Dealer Directory – make contact with other dealers directly for free!

As motor dealers ourselves we know how hard it is sometimes to trust other dealers until we have done business with them a few times, additionally we also know how hard it is to find new sources of stock especially when your looking for something particular and then you have to default to the auction […]

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We are pleased to announce that has been launched in the UK, under the global domain! Motortrademail has partnered up with some long term UK motor dealers to take the model to the UK due to the expanding market in Europe, especially for right hand drive vehicles in the UK where there […]

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Australia’s Only Online Wholesale Market Place

As the motor dealer classifieds sector expands and gains more competitors in the race for sales leads and the end customer, we have looked at where else in the chain of the motor dealer cycle we can add value too. We mainly refer to the supply and “churn” of stock between motor dealers as well […]

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Live Interactive Wholesale Motor Dealer Directory

Here at we have been doing some research and talking to YOU (motor dealers) about what we could do to improve our customer services especially at registration. Firstly, we are making it easier to join as we know most of you don’t have the time to find your dealer licenses let alone know […]

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Wholesaling – Multi Site Dealer Groups, Are You Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity?

To many times we have discovered that many multi site dealer groups are actually wholesaling against their other sites in order to achieve the maximum value for trade-ins and used car stock at auctions or sourced via wholesalers. In today’s age of attempting to maximise ever dollar, this in theory sounds ridiculous, let-alone the fact […]

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Google Reveals It’s Most Searched Car Brands

Australians search most often for Toyota, Holden or Ford – according to the internet giant, Google. While the top three brands from both Google’s list and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ VFACTS figures for year-to-date sales match up, Toyota ranks 1st, Holden 2nd and Ford 3rd – the likenesses stop at number four. Nevertheless, […]

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Wholesale Car Sales Market – On The Up?

This year least to say has been a tough year for motor dealers and wholesalers alike, with consumers being wary about spending money on things like new/used cars etc. However as much as it has been a tough year, the figures are showing steady growth in an upwards trend as the year has progressed, providing […]

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New dealer-to-dealer wholesale network!

Below is a link of a current editorial story done on our dealer only car sales platform – bringing buyers and sellers of a trade only community. So many car classified are in the Australian market these days, we wanted to make sure that we innovated something different and something that had never been […]

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