Lot’s of Requests For Stock – Sign up Now and Sell Your Stock!

With many new dealers signing up for our free trial period and using their trial time to request new stock, we have a shortage of stock for sale! If you have stock to sell, sign up for free (subject to confirmation as a dealer by us) and start selling!

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Wholesale Motor Dealer Sales – Australia

As a unique service provider to the Australian motor dealer sales market, have you considered wholesaling your vehicles within an online market place using the scale of the web to do the effort for you by not relying on your “contacts”? Are your contacts giving you the best money for your stock still? Surely when they tell you, “well, i don’t really want it but i will give you $XYZ for it”, doesn’t mean your getting the best money for you or your customer to do a deal; meaning you pay for the rest out of your own margins that you work hard on already? Surely another dealer who is looking for that stock your selling will give you a better price than the above example?


Are you a multi dealer group who you rely on the above examples at each of your sites? Why not use the internet as scale within your group business to see if you can retain and re-sell stock from within your group maximsing margins!

contact us or register for a free no obligation trial or as a dealer group contact us to get a special registration for your group for a an extended free trial where the buyers and sellers pay no commisions to buy, sell, price stock.

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Wholesale Dealer Directory – make contact with other dealers directly for free!

As motor dealers ourselves we know how hard it is sometimes to trust other dealers until we have done business with them a few times, additionally we also know how hard it is to find new sources of stock especially when your looking for something particular and then you have to default to the auction houses, and lets face it – at auctions you very rarely know where the car has come from anyway!

Our free online directory puts dealers in contact with each other nationally when your looking for something particular, all you have to do is log on and search. If you want to post that your looking for something, as soon as you post that your looking for something we will directly market it to those dealers nationally straight to their phones and inboxes to allow them to make contact with you direct – its that easy!

What have you got to lose, sign up now for free here


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Motortrademail.com Launched in the UK!

We are pleased to announce that Motortrademail.com.au has been launched in the UK, under the global www.motortademail.com domain!

Motortrademail has partnered up with some long term UK motor dealers to take the Motortrademail.com.au model to the UK due to the expanding market in Europe, especially for right hand drive vehicles in the UK where there are over 70 million motor vehicles on the road in the UK alone.

If any of our Australian motor dealers have any interest in our UK model or wanting to know more about the UK market please don’t hesitate in contacting us at any time.


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Australia’s Only Online Wholesale Market Place

As the motor dealer classifieds sector expands and gains more competitors in the race for sales leads and the end customer, we have looked at where else in the chain of the motor dealer cycle we can add value too. We mainly refer to the supply and “churn” of stock between motor dealers as well as the technology to provide the easiest most accesseble way to do this on a national basis – potentially globally.

With a building database of motor dealers signing up to Australia’s first interactive wholesale dealer directory as well as the ability to search for those dealers who may have stock to turn over, buy, or simply search for particular dealers nationally or by state or region, allowing you to directly contact these dealers.

So if you are interested in signing up to our new wholesale dealer directory for free click here. Additionally to this why not have a look around and put a request to buy stock as this request will automatically get sent straightaway to all those dealers who are interested in the same makes / models as your looking for.

If you have something to sell, again why not look at selling some of your stock at Motortrademail.com.au and get responses from other dealers across Australia!

If you constantly find it a struggle to find good stock or you have a targeted and specialised search, why not contact those dealers who are involved in the same specialised manufacturers directly and establish lasting relationships. We have the ability to link mult franchise dealer groups up to each other so that other sites can have the first option at your trade-in stock across Australia just simply register, confirm your a licensed motor dealer and your live!


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Live Interactive Wholesale Motor Dealer Directory

Here at Motortrademail.com.au we have been doing some research and talking to YOU (motor dealers) about what we could do to improve our customer services especially at registration.

Firstly, we are making it easier to join Motortrademail.com.au as we know most of you don’t have the time to find your dealer licenses let alone know how to upload them to us. So we are in the middle of changing our registration process to make it quicker and easier to sign up by only having to enter your dealer license number instead of having to upload copies of it, and the Motortrademail.com.au team will be reconciling these numbers with the relevant state based authorities to make sure these are valid before authorising an account. Of course if you still want to send us documents you will still be able to do this in the same way but it won’t be an essential part of signing up to us!

So if you have been looking for particular makes or models of cars for your yard, sign up and start searching for new sources of stock nationally and generate new contacts y letting all other motor dealers see what type of stock you are chasing!

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Wholesaling – Multi Site Dealer Groups, Are You Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity?

To many times we have discovered that many multi site dealer groups are actually wholesaling against their other sites in order to achieve the maximum value for trade-ins and used car stock at auctions or sourced via wholesalers. In today’s age of attempting to maximise ever dollar, this in theory sounds ridiculous, let-alone the fact that this is actually happening in reality.

So the most recent example is where a large dealer group principle has told us about where one of their sites traded a car in for $19,000 (their local wholesaler was the best underwritten price) and the same company in a different location bought this same car from the wholesaler for $20,500 as they had a retail customer that wanted a similar car for retail money (this was the explanation for the other site paying such a variant in price but at the time didn’t know where the wholesaler had sourced the car from) to which they were able to do a retail deal and make the appropriate profit – lucky!

So for the sake of a phone call in the case of the wholesaler or in another angle some will look at this as lacking of internal communications of multi-site dealer groups, the wholesaler made a nice profit of $1500 for the cost of a phone call, or again from the other angle the dealer group lost $1500 profit for not having a better internal wholesale process. The wider effect of the second instance (the dealer group losing out) is that potentially how many more of these cases are happening, not to mention getting rid of stock that other sites within your dealer group may want to buy or at least underwrite the wholesale price so they get to source better stock and keep it within the group, therefore reducing the need to have full time staff on the road constantly buying from external sources when if they were to look at using technology, this situation could easily be overcome, not to mention the reduction of costs of complete “buying” teams sourcing stock full time and reducing your operating costs across the board!

So what if you could implement a web based system that would instantly notify every one of your used car managers/buyers at each of your dealerships nationally, each time your trying to trade a car and do a deal allowing them to instantly reply to the requester either by phone or email therefore allowing you to build a used car wholesale network for your dealer group as well as an open national market of licensed motor dealers?

This will allow all of your sites nationally to stay connected and source stock from within while at the same time maximising your used car/trade-in stock position, while making sure your sites aren’t wholesaling stock against each other therefore cutting into profits purely because your internal dealer network isn’t joined up, and allowing for stock that no-one internally wants to be purchased externally to a national audience. For more information please contact our sales team or click here.



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Google Reveals It’s Most Searched Car Brands

Australians search most often for Toyota, Holden or Ford – according to the internet giant, Google.

While the top three brands from both Google’s list and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ VFACTS figures for year-to-date sales match up, Toyota ranks 1st, Holden 2nd and Ford 3rd – the likenesses stop at number four. Nevertheless, there are only two actual brands that differ between the lists.

Google search VFACTS

Toyota Toyota

Holden Holden

Ford Ford

Nissan Mazda

Honda Hyundai

Mazda Nissan

BMW Mitsubishi

Hyundai Volkswagen

Mitsubishi Subaru

Subaru Honda

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Wholesale Car Sales Market – On The Up?

This year least to say has been a tough year for motor dealers and wholesalers alike, with consumers being wary about spending money on things like new/used cars etc. However as much as it has been a tough year, the figures are showing steady growth in an upwards trend as the year has progressed, providing used car dealers a positive end to 2011 and now looking into 2012 the figures would indicate steady sales growth as the year progresses – having to only be but a positive sign.

So does this mean the wholesale car sales market is on the up? Well as there are no benchmark figures to test this against, all indicators would have to say – yes! With the cycle of the used car being driven by many factors – de-fleet volumes, new car purchases (sales up 1.8% in October from September) with trade-in’s, quality of end of lease vehicles as more companies hold on to their leased vehicles for longer durations therefore having higher kilometres when being re-marketed – all having an effect on the wholesale used car market. This means dealers may start to hold on to more stock rather than wholesaling or possibly the search for better used car stock will be become more important for dealers to get the edge over dealers holding on to the old age stock with higher kilometres?

At this stage only time will tell, but if there is a single thing to take from all this is that all the facts show steady growth for new car sales as shown below which typically will drive the used car market and therefore the wholesale market due to demand.

Statistics provided by the ABS October 2011

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New dealer-to-dealer wholesale network!

Below is a link of a current editorial story done on our dealer only car sales platform – bringing buyers and sellers of a trade only community.


So many car classified are in the Australian market these days, we wanted to make sure that we innovated something different and something that had never been done before in Australia. Now considering Australia has such a vast landscape, what better way to bring dealers and wholesalers together nationally than by using technology!

As we are licensed motor dealers ourselves, we know what is important to dealers, and this comes down to even knowing how to describe a car properly and the appropriate terminology – which we have captured.

So instead of employing lots of resource to do what technology can do for you for almost nothing, why wouldn’t you consider this? Multi site dealer groups, how do you ensure your not wholesaling against each other taking profit from one-another, when you can utilise a single solution that reaches to a national audience..

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